About us

Imagination Luxury Camp

Welcome to Imagination Luxury Camp Imagination Camp is a luxury property located in the heart of Wadi Rum, it’s a place where you will have a great mountain view and be able to see the most wonderful sunset and sunrise surrounded by sandstones and superb hills, you can see the sky and stars every day like you have never seen it before. Its special and extraordinary, , this is an experience you will never forget!

WeLcome Home

Our front desk staff welcome you 24 hours. You can dine at our restaurant, so breakfast at morning, lunch and dinner at evening or night will be enjoyable when you experience the Jordanian and Bedouin cuisines cooked in fire while having a relaxing music with hospitality service from our professional staff who save no effort to make your stay pleasant. You can also discover the charming dissert and spectacular mountains with our jeep tours and camels riding, or you can just walk for a short distance to experience that. Hiking is available here as well if you like to explore the magnificent mountains!